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Asher Jeremiah Brennan

"Hard times help me see I’m a good man with a good heart."

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Name:Asher Jeremiah Brennan
Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

"Hard times help me see I’m a good man with a good heart."

Asher Jeremiah Brennan was born in in Hawaii to Lila and Neil Brennan, a Midwife and pro-circuit Surfing champion respectively. He followed his big sister, Mackenzie, into the world five years after her and rounded off their family with a perfect pigeon-pair. Although life was sweet for close to a couple of years, tragedy struck the family when Asher was 18 months old and Neil was killed in a surfing accident at an international competition in Australia. He lost control of his board in a wave and broke his neck, drowning before he could be pulled safely from the water. Asher doesn't remember his dad, and his mom has never been able to re-marry, though she recently started dating casually. Mackenzie does, and made sure to share her happy memories of their daddy, even if they were short lived as she was only 7 when he died.

Life could have been tough, but was born into a huge extended family, many of which were based in San Francisco or other parts of California. His mom is one of eight kids, and his dad one of five, so he has aunts, uncles, and cousins the size of a healthy army. They all moved in with their maternal grandparents, a wealthy couple and his granddad a retired Barrister and grandmother a wedding dress designer for the rich and famous, still working with very select clients in her semi-retirement. The suburb they lived in was in walking distance from the two best friends he met starting elementary school, Amarlie-Rose Satori and Zenith Novak. Although not knowing what transgender actually was as a child, Zenith one day revealed to Amarlie and Asher when they were playing at Zenith's place one day that he was born with girl parts, but he was still a boy. Amarlie had offered something along the lines of 'That happens to people sometimes, my mommy said so' and Asher didn't get how that made any difference whatsoever. Because it didn't, and to this day, never has. In fact, it was Zenith he lost his virginity to when they were fifteen, and had plenty effective aids that didn't prevent him at all having sex like any other guy. Since then, they have been Friends With Benefits. Asher adores his besties, and he would do anything for them.

Despite the fact Asher grew a goofy class clown who giggled at everything and had a clumsy streak, puberty was very kind to him and when he was sixteen, signed as a model with Hot Topic. He switched up his glasses for contact lenses, started to hit the gym, spent a lot of time in the sun getting a healthy tan, and basically turned into one of the hottest guys in school, much to the awe of the mean girls who had picked on him incessantly in middle school for being a nerd. When he was signed as a model for the big brand and came back after the summer of sophomore year way hotter than he left, their ringleader tried to hit on him, and was promptly bitched out and insulted by Zenith in front of most of the school. Karma was a bitch, but not quite as big as the one Zenith could be when he was protective.

Now, Asher has been head-hunted by an exclusive modelling agency in New York. With Amarlie already there to try to find her birth mom, Asher made the decision to sign on the dotted line and Zenith accepted early entry into one of the Costume Design schools he was offered a place with based in New York. They are planning on surprising her, showing up out of the blue, and asking her if she wants to move in with them when they find a permanent place to live there.

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